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Green building practice, as a concept, is usually used to describe a spectrum of concepts that may or may not be incorporated into the building process at various levels:

  • Sustainable design/architecture
  • Rapidly renewable plant materials
  • Low-Impact/Low-VOC building materials
  • Energy efficient components
  • Energy efficient building orientation
  • Renewable energy source usage
  • Lower water usage design & components
  • Durable components / materials with less replacement production
  • Transit oriented development / development that focuses on public transportation
  • Cohousing development
While a significant number of our standard products and techniques meet many program requirements, we also have the ability to implement a significant number of options that can elevate a project’s level of compliance with various green building programs. In addition to being an Energy Star Partner, as an industry leader in delivered product that is considered “green”, we have constructed modular components as a part of projects that meet or exceed the requirements of the following programs:
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